Start the Clock and Cue the Band

You have captured the authenticity of work in a busy television studio which makes it a fascinating read for former practitioners: it is as easy and enjoyable read for those outside the industry....”
Jim Spankie
- former programme presenter and station announcer

It's a gem, it's a great read. You have dealt with the ups and downs of television in Wales with style and skill.”

David Meredith
- Former Head of Press and Public Relations, HTV and S4C Television

A true masterpiece”

Tweli Griffiths
- Former producer, journalist, reporter for HTV Wales and S4C Television

The book is brilliant, a fantastic read and I couldn't put it down”

Pamela Humphreys
- Former production assistant and music associate

A fabulous man. A lovely book. And, tellingly, a record of what now feels like a passing age of television.”

Jon Gower
- author, producer for Boomerang Television and former BBC Wales Arts and Media correspondent

A roller coaster autobiography of Aberystwyth television producer.”

Y Lolfa
Publisher - press release

Just finished reading your magnum opus. Excellent... well worth the two year gestation period.”

Richard Lewis
- first cousin to the author and former senior drama producer, BBC Wales

Loved this. A great book by a man who had a difficult start in life, but worked hard to turn himself into one of the best programme makers in ITV. Enjoyment guaranteed.”

Ron Lewis

Tales of an Aber Lad

David Lloyd has done us all a favour by writing these delightful reminiscences which will remind natives of this ancient borough that there is no place like Aberystwyth, and fill those benighted readers unfortunate enough to have been born elsewhere with entirely proper envy.”
Herbert Williams
- Author and broadcaster
Tales of an Aber Lad is not intended to be a book on local history but it will make an excellent gift for many local people, especially those in exile from this fascinating town.”
Gerald Morgan
- Head teacher and lecturer
My father loved this book. It really took him down memory lane and took me back to the many holidays spent with the family in Aberystwyth.”

- Amazon Customer Review
Lloyd's engaging narrative reveals the Aberystwyth of his earliest years which he has highlighted with a well-chosen combination of photographs, posters and newspaper clippings.”
Lise Hull
- Reader
This is a charming book. David Lloyd has recaptured the innocence of childhood perfectly. Do buy it if you were a child in the 40s and 50s. It will bring back so many memories.”
Sheila Johnson
- Reader

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