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Tales of an Aber Lad

Tales of an Aber Lad

Tales of an Aber Lad includes short stories and photographs depicting life in Aberystwyth in the 1940s and '50s. The author reminisces about the old cinemas, the circus, sweet shops, the Pier, and everything that made life worth living in Aberystwyth. It includes numerous photographs of old Aberystwyth, including an old dental chair, the Coliseum, advertisements in local papers and other images from newspapers and magazines.

Tales of an Aber Lad will take you down Memory Lane to a time when life was less sophisticated than it is today and the smallest things brought us so much pleasure. If you can remember the comics and the tea rooms, the visits to the fairground and the bread, milk, meat, Corona and coal being delivered at your mum's front door, this is the book for you.

The gasworks, my father had been informed, offered a definitive cure for the dreaded whooping-cough. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that inhaling furnace fumes was not an exercise i would relish. “Breathe the fumes”, my father shouted, holding me above an open furnace, an inferno of raging white fire, a throbbing volcanic pit of unimaginable horror. My father’s enveloping arms held me tight as he shouted, “ Breathe! In with the fumes and out with the whooping cough!” I do not recall a miracle cure but my mother claimed the experience had brought some colour to my cheek!”.

This superb little book is stockpiled with interesting stories and pictures of yesteryear in the old town of Aberystwyth. David Lloyd says, “As youngsters in a post-war seaside town, we grappled with values and penniless pockets. All the boys wore grey short trousers and grey pullovers and the girls wore cheap frocks, ankle socks and had ribbons in their hair”.

What the historians don’t tell you about the old Coliseum cinema are some of the more intimate highlights that went on in this place and I am not talking about the movies! All the hot-blooded youth of the town sat in the back row and snogged their way through the entire programme. If there was romance on the screen, it was nothing compared to the passion in the back row of the stalls. The activities were so intense that the whole row from seat 1 to 25 had developed a treacherous horizontal lean that made it look more like a bed in Astons’ furniture shop next door”.

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David Lloyd has done us all a favour by writing these delightful reminiscences which will remind natives of this ancient borough that there is no place like Aberystwyth, and fill those benighted readers unfortunate enough to have been born elsewhere with entirely proper envy.”
Herbert Williams
- Author and broadcaster
Tales of an Aber Lad is not intended to be a book on local history but it will make an excellent gift for many local people, especially those in exile from this fascinating town.”
Gerald Morgan
- Head teacher and lecturer
My father loved this book. It really took him down memory lane and took me back to the many holidays spent with the family in Aberystwyth.”

- Amazon Customer Review
Lloyd's engaging narrative reveals the Aberystwyth of his earliest years which he has highlighted with a well-chosen combination of photographs, posters and newspaper clippings.”
Lise Hull
- Reader
This is a charming book. David Lloyd has recaptured the innocence of childhood perfectly. Do buy it if you were a child in the 40s and 50s. It will bring back so many memories.”
Sheila Johnson
- Reader

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Start the Clock and Cue the Band

Start The Clock and Cue the Band

Start the Clock and Cue the Band - A Life in Television is the autobiography of David Lloyd who spent his career as the director of television programmes. His career took him to many places, from Aberystwyth to London, from Norwich to Aberdeen, from Cardiff to Europe, America, Israel, Africa and Japan. He is now settled in his retirement back home in Ceredigion.

Start the Clock and Cue the Band - A Life in Television is a story of struggle and achievement. Full of nostalgic and anecdotal stories - a perfect read for anyone including veterans of the golden years of Independent television and those considering broadcasting as a future career.

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You have captured the authenticity of work in a busy television studio which makes it a fascinating read for former practitioners: it is as easy and enjoyable read for those outside the industry....”
Jim Spankie
- former programme presenter and station announcer

It's a gem, it's a great read. You have dealt with the ups and downs of television in Wales with style and skill”

David Meredith
- Former Head of Press and Public Relations, HTV and S4C Television

A true masterpiece”

Tweli Griffiths
- Former producer, journalist, reporter for HTV Wales and S4C Television

The book is brilliant, a fantastic read and I couldn't put it down”

Pamela Humphreys
- Former production assistant and music associate

A fabulous man. A lovely book. And, tellingly, a record of what now feels like a passing age of television.”

Jon Gower
- author, producer for Boomerang Television and former BBC Wales Arts and Media correspondent

A roller coaster autobiography of Aberystwyth television producer.”

Y Lolfa
Publisher - press release

Just finished reading your magnum opus. Excellent... well worth the two year gestation period”

Richard Lewis
- first cousin to the author and former senior drama producer, BBC Wales

Loved this. A great book by a man who had a difficult start in life, but worked hard to turn himself into one of the best programme makers in ITV. Enjoyment guaranteed.”

Ron Lewis

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Aber Lad, Twice Round the Block

The sequel to "Tales of an Aber Lad".

Till Back Went Time

The author's first novel. Jim's biggest mistake was falling asleep!

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