David Lloyd - Biography
David Lloyd was the perfect television producer - exuberant, energetic and ebulliently enthusiastic about pretty much everything
Jon Gower
- author, producer for Boomerang Television and former BBC Wales Arts and Media correspondent

David Lloyd

David Lloyd author, former television producer, is now an author, a public speaker and teacher of voice, speech and presentational skills.

As a shy, nervous child, David suffered the indignities of eczema on his hands and legs and frequent attacks of asthma which affected his schooling, his confidence and produced a low self-esteem. As a young teenager, David took the bull by the horns and developed an interest in magic. His first performance to a live audience was initially an excruciatingly painful moment in his young life.

The hall lights dimmed and the stage curtains swished across to reveal a sea of blackness. There was applause and my name was whispered across the hall. I bowed and there was silence. Where was my voice? I couldn’t find my voice. I stood like a statue glued to the stage. For friends and neighbours this event would be confirmation that I was indeed a fool of the first order. My whole body was trembling with nerves and I felt so exposed”.


David started his career as a finance clerk in the old Cardiganshire County Council before realising that the world of council spending was not for him. In 1960 he auditioned for what is now the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Sidcup, Kent.

And so time slipped by. We learned how to study and exercise our voices and bodies until we dripped in sweat. We learned how to walk across the stage and sit; to listen to a telephone ring or a door bell, to walk and open or close a door. To sit, to cry to grieve, to kiss, to fall; to feel cold and heat, to express anger, love, hatred and to expose raw emotion was not easy. We studied old age and youth, a rich man or a poor man.. We studied people outside in the street until it became embarrassing”..

After two and half years in Brufords, David moved on to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff .

After a period of acting and stage managing, David was invited to consider work in television, a life-long ambition. Initially as a studio floor manager with the BBC in Cardiff, he went on to work at Anglia Television in Norwich and Grampian Television in Aberdeen before settling back into Cardiff with HTV Wales in 1972. He remembers walking into a television studio for the first time in 1964..

On one side of the studio was the interior of a coal mine, black as black, complete with wooden pit props holding up the tunnel. There was a Davy lamp lightly burning, pickaxes and shovels and tram cars loaded with coal standing silent on a railway track. I could almost breathe the coal dust and feel the claustrophobia of life underground. Opposite, a small kitchenette with supper laid ready for a family. At the end of the studio there was a street with shop fronts, a pavement and an old street gas lamp. All of this was made from polystyrene, wood and canvas and standing nearby, the large grey television cameras on their hydraulic bases, lifeless and unmanned. I was spellbound with excitement”.

David Lloyd's career has taken him from Cardiff to Europe, America, Israel, Africa and Japan and his books, written with energy and pace give vivid descriptions of life in the heat of a live television studio.


Lloyd’s writing is new and fresh; un-put-downable, vibrant and astonishingly honest. His stories lift the lid on all our memories.

In Lloyd’s two books there is an authentic truth in his nostalgic reminiscences. With a chuckle in his voice and a tear in the eye, his memories draw you in.


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Born during the 2nd World war blitz and from shy asthmatic school boy to a top television producer, David Lloyd suffered all the childhood and teenage ailments and lacked the confidence to prove himself to family and teachers. His life is a tale of sacrifice and self-determination to impress someone somewhere.


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