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"I was born in 1940 in Aberystwyth on the West Wales coast to the sound of surf breaking over sand and pebble and mountain breezes in the tall, sturdy beech trees that flanked our back garden. Such an idyllic setting was soon to be swapped for the rubble-strewn streets of Cardiff for we were at war with an enemy I was too young to comprehend...."

So begins my autobiography, Start the Clock and Cue the Band - A Life in Television, written by author and former television director / producer, David Lloyd.


Lloyd’s writing is new and fresh; un-put-downable, vibrant and astonishingly honest. His stories lift the lid on all our memories.

In Lloyd’s two books there is an authentic truth in his nostalgic reminiscences. With a chuckle in his voice and a tear in the eye, his memories draw you in.


Voice & Speech Coaching

Are you nervous, shy and embarrassed about your speaking voice? Do words fail you and does your mouth run dry when you have to talk to a small audience? The way you speak could seriously let you down. David Lloyd’s coaching in the way you use your voice could restore your confidence and self-esteem.



Born during the 2nd World war blitz and from shy asthmatic school boy to a top television producer, David Lloyd suffered all the childhood and teenage ailments and lacked the confidence to prove himself to family and teachers. His life is a tale of sacrifice and self-determination to impress someone somewhere.


Public Speaking Agenda

David Lloyd is available for public speaking commitments and is often found presenting talks in the local area. So far his talks and public speaking engagements this Spring include:

Saturday 25 March 2017

My magic can be seen on the 25th of March at the Ceredigion Museum's Victorian Evening. Come and be astounded!

Tuesday 9 May 2017

A talk and presentation to the Ceredigion Federation of Women's Institutes on 9th May at Theatr Felinfach.
Time: TBA

Voice & Speech Coaching Services

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