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With a professional background in broadcasting, I am also the author of two books with a third in the making.

I provide speech classes for people wishing to gain confidence, improve their speaking voices and presentational skills.

I give entertaining talks to groups and organisations with a little 'sleight-of-hand' in between. Performing magic was a corner stone of my young life.


Lloyd’s writing is new and fresh; un-put-downable, vibrant and astonishingly honest. His stories lift the lid on all our memories.

In Lloyd’s two books there is an authentic truth in his nostalgic reminiscences. With a chuckle in his voice and a tear in the eye, his memories draw you in.


Voice & Speech Coaching

Are you nervous, shy and embarrassed about your speaking voice? Do words fail you and does your mouth run dry when you have to talk to a small audience? The way you speak could seriously let you down. David Lloyd’s coaching in the way you use your voice could restore your confidence and self-esteem.



Born during the 2nd World war blitz and from shy asthmatic school boy to a top television producer, David Lloyd suffered all the childhood and teenage ailments and lacked the confidence to prove himself to family and teachers. His life is a tale of sacrifice and self-determination to impress someone somewhere.


Public Speaking Agenda

David Lloyd is available for social and formal engagements and can guarantee an hour of amusing anecdotes and magic from a life that has been well lived.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Taliesin WI. 7:30pm

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

A talk and presentation to The Living Well Group at the Aberystwyth Sports Centre, from 10 am to 12 noon

Previous Presentations

  • An entertaining talk to the NHS Retirement Fellowship, Aberystwyth branch.
  • Llanilar WI
  • Aberystwyth Inner Wheel
  • Ceredigion Federation of WIs
  • Aberystwyth Probus
  • Aberystwyth Rotary
  • Llandre WI
  • Llanbadarn Fawr Fellowship group
  • St. Michael's Parish Church Women's group
  • ITV Wales, The Royal Television Society with the National Library of Wales
  • An Edwardian Evening at the Ceredigion Museum
  • Ratby, Leicestershire Village group
  • National Trust of Ceredigion

Voice & Speech Coaching Services

  • Performing Arts
  • Public Speaking
  • TV and Radio
  • Podcasting
  • Presentations

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Tales of an Aber Lad